Sunday, March 3, 2019

3/2/19 show report: 9 is Barry fine

Well would you look at that?  It's just a day after the latest card show and I'm already posting my pickups.  Maybe I'm getting into better blogging habits again?  Probably not, but I'm still glad to be getting more content out there instead of letting TMV sit idle.

This time my wallet came away $20 lighter so it ended up being another low-key show for me, but you'll see no signs of disappointment here.  The breakdown was:

  • Dime boxes:  10 cards = $1
  • Quarter boxes:  36 cards = $9
  • $0.50 boxes:  2 cards = $1
  • $1 boxes:  3 cards = $3
  • $2 boxes:  3 cards = $6
If you'd like a complete picture of what I got, please head over to TMM after you're done here.  As for the rest:

We'll start with unassigned trade bait again.  This is something I stopped doing for a while since I was bringing stuff home that nobody was claiming, but between COMC and TCDB that should no longer be a problem.  Beltran is from '04 Diamond Kings and is #069/100, and the USA Whitson jersey came out of '09 UD Signature Stars.  Please claim them via a comment or email if you're interested!
First up from my take-home is Junior Griffey.  I found a nice little handful of his cards in the dime and quarter boxes including this trio for me.  The '93 Score Dream Team subset still looks cool more than 25 years later.  2001 Upper Deck MVP's Super Tools insert shows off my favorite of Griffey's skills:  that trademark swing.  And a Defining Moments insert from 2013 Hometown Heroes recounts 1995 ALDS game 5, which will forever live on in Seattle Mariners lore.

Technically these bumped me up to 800 unique Griffeys but after a bit of consultation on TCDB I've eliminated a card from his PC:  the 1991 UD Griffey Sr. base on which Junior cameos.  So I'll wait to add another item before celebrating.
I could still do without Gypsy Queen but once in a while something grabs my interest like this Framed parallel of Tony Gwynn from 2012.  When I picked it up I thought the brown border went well with San Diego's colors, then found out that's not one of the colors used as a framed parallel that year.  Apparently Topps calls this "Gold".  You do you, Topps....
Of course the day's winner was titular guy Barry Larkin.  I brought home more than 10 cards of the HOF SS and these nine went to his PC.  The first five are definitely my favorites, starting with a pair of '96s:  a Score sample (of the Dugout Collection parallel) and UD Hobby Predictor.  I already have the Exchange Card version of the latter so I'll just need to find the Retail variants at some point.

The next pair come from Pinnacle's multi-product Epix insert from 1998 and here you see Orange parallels of the Game and All-Star Moment versions.  Last up in this group is a 2013 Panini Cooperstown Induction insert that celebrates one of Larkin's career highlights.

After that is a trio of 2017 Topps-produced cards that aren't too exciting, though at least the Bowman insert is Chromed and the GQ Hand-Drawn Art card (the second of two made) looks nice enough.  However, that Salute insert is about as mailed-in as it gets, and I wouldn't have picked it up if not for the low price of a dime.

Finally we go all oddball with a '94 King B Disc.  I've heard of these and I think I have a couple in my collection at this point but didn't realize they were still being made in 1994, so that was a fun surprise.

Larkin's PC is celebrating a mini milestone of its own:  more than 750 cards!
That leaves a fun insert quartet starring mound maestro Greg Maddux.  Fleer's Golden Memories set from 1996 still looks amazing, and I was already a fan of it thanks to a Trammell/Whitaker card before I dug Greg's card out of the box.  I flipped a pair of 2001 Topps chase cards--Ring Masters and Own the Game--because I erroneously thought the former was "Hobby Masters", another Topps insert from around that time.  These remind me of one of my favorite Topps products, one made back when they put a bit of thought into those designs.  And last up is a 2018 Diamond Kings Portraits insert of the HOF pitcher.  You just can't go wrong with DK's artsy design!

That's all for this month's show so stay tuned for COMC loot as soon as I get around to it.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Gypsy Queen either, but that Gwynn is crazy awesome! And no matter what Topps calls it, that is a brown border.

  2. Gypsy Queen framed parallels are awesome... especially when they feature Mr. Padre.

    1. You'd be hard pressed to find a bad Gwynn card

  3. The Gwynn looks great, in any color (though it is definitely a brown frame). I like the Larkins, too. 750+ cards?!? Wow. I just checked, and you have at least three player collections that are bigger than my biggest player collection.