Monday, August 6, 2018

7/28/18 show report: July showtime take 2

Thanks to this year's National I got a double dose of card show fun in July.  Oh, no, I didn't head to Cleveland (barf) but instead enjoyed a return trip to Taylor the last Saturday of the month as my usual show had its August event moved up a week so as to avoid a conflict with the big event.  A couple hours and $30 later I was heading home with 100 dime cards, 40 quarters, and 12 that were a buck apiece.  The vast majority of those will find their forever homes as part of future trade packages, a few can be seen over on TMM, and here's what you came to see:  a nice bunch of new PC adds:
Four inserts and a base SP are a nice take home when it comes to Junior Griffey!  Based on the number of comments I usually get when I post his cards you might think I'm playing to the audience, but I just love me some Griffey cardboard.  The '97 Stadium Club subset SP looks fantastic--I'll never get sick of that swing--but the real gem for me was card #1, a 1993 Pinnacle Home Run Club insert.  Somehow I'd remained ignorant of these for 25 years so I'm glad this ended up being one of those dime (or quarter, I forget) box finds.  Early dufex tech with a super cool metallic back make this one a winner!
Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn didn't pop up in those boxes as often as I would have preferred this time, but I still ended up with an interesting insert pair.  On the left is a very mid-90s Pacific insert from 1996 called Hometowns.  The back mentions (in Spanish and English, of course) that Tony attended high school in Long Beach and college at San Diego State, so the "hometown" moniker applies here.  To its right is a fairly typical insert from the 2000 iteration of Topps' short-lived product Stars called Walk of Fame.  Definitely deserving for the best pure hitter of his generation.
I had another field day rescuing some Greg Maddux cardboard from some of those boxes, totaling eight new items for his collection, the best on the day.  Seven of those range from 2000-2005 with a 2017 A&G base being the outlier.  The Flair offering from 2003 looks mighty nice but nothing here tops...uh...Topps Gold Label from 2002.  It's another great version of that product, and the only thing I've ever dinged on this particular design is the weird font/width used for each player name, something that doesn't appeal to me.  The rest is A-OK, though!
Unfortunately I didn't scare up any Ripken stuff to complete the quartet this time, but in his place here's a six pack of Justin Verlander offerings from 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones.  The first card has 17 versions, one for each of his 17 wins the previous year, while the second one comprises one for each of his 124 strikeouts.  As you can see above I landed one of the former and five of the latter, each numbered to 150 copies.  I definitely don't see myself actively chasing the rest of either bunch but wouldn't mind adding more in the future.

Having caught up on these I might maybe possibly potentially get undistracted enough to consider hypothetically returning to my barely started pile of Sportlots cards, so stay tuned(?).


  1. Dude. You know I had to comment here. Great Griffey and Gwynn snags and I agree on the93 pinnacle homerun inserts. Beaut!

    1. 1. Post Griffeys
      2. Wait for Matt to comment
      3. Success!

  2. Sweet Gwynns and Griffeys! That Play Ball Maddux is a nice pickup as well.

    1. Thanks, Fuji! I'm not opposed to an odd-sized card once in a while