Friday, December 22, 2017

12/2/17 card show report: can't spell "Christmas Presents" without "PCs"

Time to get a few more things posted before the end of the year if possible unless I feel like covering 2017 purchases deep into 2018!

Here's some cards I've had for just about three weeks after grabbing them at this month's show.  This time I grabbed a couple $2 cards and then exclusively focused on the quarter boxes at my favorite seller's table.  In the end I came out with something like 140 of those, and as is often the case the guy gave me a nice discount by charging me $30 even.

The big difference this time was that, while I scored a ton of great cards that ended up in the packages I sent out recently, I actually came home with a huge haul for myself, making it feel like Christmas came a few weeks early.

The bulk of that impressive pile is a possibly unprecedented show accumulation of Michigan Football stuff that can be viewed on tonight's TMM post.

Of course as usual I have a few things for your viewing pleasure right here!
I guess Grandy's been out of Motown for long enough that everyone else passed up this pair of parallels--a 2010 Bowman Orange (#056/250) and 2013 Bowman Chrome Refractor.  They may feature him as a Yankee but I don't really mind especially since he moved on from the Evil Empire a while ago.  This may not be too many Grandersons, or even many Grandersons, but it is two Grandersons!
The "90s inserts rule" tag is in the office today thanks to the first of this cool pair of Larkins:  a 1996 Select Certified Red parallel.  You couldn't pick a better color than the one literally in his team name, right?  Apparently these were limited to 1800 copies while the more desirable Mirror Red versions were much harder to come by.

That's joined by a Chrome version of Barry's 2000 Topps All-Topps insert.  Topps picked a list of five current and five retired players for each position in each league (using stats through the '98 season) and Larkin was the NL representative for active players.  Sounds about right to me!
I often have luck finding 90s stuff of Maddux in these boxes, and that's just fine by me, but sometimes it's fun to turn up something from the early aughts too, like this 2003 Diamond Kings Bronze Foil parallel featuring the titular design choice and adding a nice framed border to the already excellent base card.
This pair of less common Hal Morris releases was a quarter box coup for me since I would have had to pony up a buck or more apiece if I got impatient and grabbed them elsewhere.  Up top is Hal's 1994 Stadium Club First Day Issue parallel, which is an insert that can sometimes be found for cheap, but only if you're patient.  Below that is the rarest version of Hal's appearance in Upper Deck's high-end-at-the-time 100% numbered SPx Finite product, the Spectrum parallel (#1694/2250).  Stay tuned for the completion of the trilogy soon.
Last up is the third HOFer in today's post, "Gorgeous" George Sisler, on a 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Framed Green parallel.  This is my third version of this card to go along with the base and Framed Paper entries.  I really like the photo used here on one of two base cards of Sisler that can be found in the set.

That's all for this month but I'm sure I'll be back at it in January, and until then maybe I'll get some other cards posted instead of leaving them to collect dust on my desk!


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  2. Darn auto correct!
    Nice Sisler card... Go Blue!

  3. Great pickups. Dig the 90s inserts for sure!

  4. Framed parallels and a Stadium Club 1st Day Issue = Solid Pickups!