Sunday, September 3, 2017

2017 eBay purchase: Howe I completed another rainbow

I've got one more July trade package for you, but I'm enjoying this one-card-at-a-time thing on this lazy holiday weekend, so let's have a look at a couple cards I picked up on eBay at the end of that month.  One of those is Michigan Football-related and can therefore be seen on TMM this evening, and the other is a Michigan Baseball alum, which means I'm posting it here as part of my baseball PCs.

It's pretty likely almost anybody reading this here blog is familiar with the auto-per-pack 1996 Leaf Signature set, a product that caused quite the commotion back when it came out since that kind of thing was pretty much unheard of at the time.  There's a much smaller chance that you were aware that I completed the Bronze/Silver/Gold autograph trifecta for one of my Michigan Baseball PC guys, Mike Matheny (and posted it on my Completed Nameplates and Rainbows page).

Well, I'm happy to announce that I've completed a similar trio:  that of former pitcher Steve Howe:
This Gold auto is the last one I needed, and it became mine for under $7 delivered, which isn't bad considering how much some of these can go for.  As others did, Steve signed a total of 5000 of his cards, broken up into Bronze (3500), Silver (1000), and Gold (500).  Those print runs seem large today but were minuscule by 1996 standards!

Here's all three cards for your viewing pleasure:
With that one out of the way, I currently own 80 of Howe's 81 cards, and just need to track down his 1994 Stadium Club Team First Day Issue parallel.  I've never seen it for sale in any of the usual places I buy cards (or a few others I generally don't) but I'll keep my eyes peeled, and I hope some of you will too!


  1. Congratulations on completing the rainbow. Howe had such a promising career. Heck even with his drug issues, he still had a pretty productive MLB career. It's just a shame he passed away at such a young age.