Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 eBay purchases: New Year's Eve with Chas and Steve

This post marks my final 2016 purchases (except for my Black Friday COMC haul), so between that and covering the final trade post from last year, I'm pretty much caught up on 2016.  Not bad!

Chas and Steve are a couple guys I believe many of you know, and while I didn't spend my New Year's Eve with them, these eBay cards made it to my mailbox before the evening of the 31st, so my rhyming title works.
First up is my second autograph of former Dodgers/Yankees RP Steve Howe.  This is his Silver auto from the excellent 1996 Leaf Signature auto-per-pack product, and it matches up with the Bronze version I nabbed back in October.  That one cost me just $3, and I was reasonably happy to pay $7 for this rarer version that leaves me just a Gold shy of the trio, and two cards from sewing up Howe's run of 81 cards (with a '94 Stadium Club Team First Day Issue being the other I'm in search of).  For all his faults, Steve had a pretty nice signature, and it looks great on this iconic design.
Of course, I was a bit more excited to add this guy to my PC.  Gehringer is an extra fun player for me to collect since he played baseball both at Michigan and for the Tigers.  Plus, he was, you know, a really, really, really good player.  So I've really enjoyed adding some cut autos to my minuscule Gehringer PC, and now a crazy six of the 30 cards I've accumulated of the Mechanical Man are that exact kind of card!

The sixth is this gorgeous When It Was a Game Cuts card from 2006 SP Legendary Cuts, an UD product that's been a huge factor in bringing affordable HOF cuts to collectors; As a matter of fact, this one set me back just a bit more than $40 delivered, and I'll take that deal anytime.  Upper Deck's typically strong design comes into play here, combining another beautiful Gehringer signature, apparently from an index card, with a classy look that includes a player photo--always a plus when it comes to these cards, in my opinion.  This is my fourth from that brand, and fifth from UD out of the six overall.

Thanks to Chas and Steve for a rockin' New Year's Eve!


  1. It is hard to find a good deal on those SP Legendary Cuts cards. $40 is a great deal.

  2. Always love 1996 Leaf Signature. And that SP cut is pretty swell too!

  3. "Your comment will be visible after approval." Oh man, Fashion Shoes is gone now, you can turn that off. lol