Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: Grandy and the Juniors

It's the middle of August and I'm quickly running out of cards from COMC to post, though that won't be a problem in a few days.  In the meantime I have a few cards to show off to y'all today and then one grand PC finale (though I have a few more over at TMM, including this evening's post).  Pennant races are taking shape, September callups are right around the corner, and we haven't quite hit football season yet, so let's have a gander at some baseball PC stuff!
Curtis Granderson 2009 Finest Refractor
I don't find reasonably-priced Granderson inserts on COMC too often, but once in a while I can grab a gem like this Refractor.  I actually already have the base version so this works out nicely.  While more photo and less design would have been preferable to me, I'll still bask in its Refractoriness!
Ken Griffey Jr. 1995 Sportflix Hammer Team and 1997 Topps Season's Best
It's about time I created a tag called "90s inserts rule" because these are excellent examples of the fun stuff collectors could pull during that decade, one where Junior was MLB's deserving poster boy.  The Sportflix Hammer Team card brings to mind Super Mario Bros. 3 while the Topps card also features another example of Kenny's textbook swing!
Cal Ripken Jr. 1993 Leaf Gold Leaf Stars (with Barry Larkin)
Cal Ripken Jr. 1996 Fleer Golden Memories
Here's another pair of Juniors--Cal Juniors.  You saw that first insert in my post from last Sunday, and of course I love cards that double-dip like this one as it features two of my all-time favorites.  I think you can all take a wild guess as to the "Golden Memory" covered on the back of the '96 Fleer insert?  Maybe something that occurred during the '95 season?

Stay tuned for the big finish this week as it'll focus entirely on a baseball PC guy you have yet to see in any of these posts!

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