Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My 2013 Cardmas haul!

My family and friends know me well enough that they sometimes buy me card- and memorabilia-related items because they're awesome like that, and this Christmas was no exception.

First up, my brother and sis-in-law grabbed me a value pack of 2013 Topps Chrome baseball--three packs of four cards plus three bonus Orange Refractors.  Here's the contents of those packs:
The Arencibia already headed to a collector near J.P.'s former team but everything else is up for grabs.  Oh and, hey, Paps?  You might wanna calm down a bit there--you're an expensive sucky closer now, bro.
Here the Russell Martin is reserved for TMV's BB4L Greg Z., but again, everything else can be had.  The regular Refractor (which still looks great after all these years!) is Evan Longoria.  I thought I did pretty well with my bonus pack, which featured Jeter on top, and ended up being 100% AL East.

Next up was a mystery package from my best friend from college (who's basically a brother to me at this point) who's now in California.  It was surprisingly large and had the old Italian "fra-gee-lay" sticker on it, so I really had no idea what it could be until I tore into it and found
Apologies, Cubs haters, for the reflection of that pennant hanging on the wall!
this beautiful four-shelf card display case!  It's got a door (with lock) and plenty of space to store a bunch of my best cards, and best of all it can be wall-mounted!  Here's a look with the door open and a couple cards to give you an idea of scale:
I'm definitely gonna have fun picking out what to show off in it and will likely change up its contents once in a while since I can.

To say I was happy with this loot is an understatement, and as always I thank my family and friends for being thoughtful enough to get me stuff they knew I'd like!

What about you guys?  I've seen a number of posts from many of you already showing off your Christmas goods, but drop me a comment if you also got something over the holidays you want to brag about!


  1. First off, we're not all Cubs haters. Second I can't see JP Arancibia without remembering his great impression of Tim Kurkjian. Third, I haven't shown any of my Christmas gifts but my wife gave me a similar case. Mine is horizontal. They may actually be from the same company. I screwed up hanging it though (wasn't level) so it's on the floor right now.

    1. True, but I seem to find that the haters are louder than the fans around these parts. Also, did that teach you not to engage in hardware projects while drunk?

  2. So not only are you a Tiger fan, but you have a Scrubs pennant on the wall.


    1. At least I'm not a fan of the CrapHawks and Blight Sox :P