Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Jesus and the MLB season come back from the dead today

Here's one for Jeff, who I know loves the Walking Dead and someecards
Happy Easter, everybody!  Whether or not you celebrate the religious aspects of it, Easter Sunday is a sure sign that spring weather and the MLB season are right around the corner.  I hope everyone had a great Sunday--I know I did, and not just because of Michigan's dominant Elite Eight win over Florida.
I have no interest in the Indians, this just always makes me think of opening day
Tonight at 8 EST the newly-American League-ized Astros take on the Rangers to open up the 2013 MLB season.  This is a game sure to interest Sam of the Daily Dimwit and Brian of Play at the Plate as much as anyone.  Now that Junkie Josh Hamilton is gone from Arlington (and has taken some not-at-all cowardly shots at the team he gave up on) I have less of a reason to root against Texas, plus I don't at all condone Houston's "Let's dump all our payroll like the Marlins and not compete for a long time!" strategy, so go Rangers!
The Tigers kick off the 2013 campaign at Minnesota tomorrow with best-pitcher-in-baseball and new $180 million man Justin Verlander taking the hill for what will hopefully be another dominant season that culminates in a deep playoff run.  This is a very talented Tigers team that shed dead weight C Gerald Laird, added Torii Hunter and gets Victor Martinez back, so the talent's all there.  Will Detroit again defy Jim Leyland's insidious plot to prevent their success?  I'll see you after 162+ games and we'll find out!  GO TIGERS!


  1. I actually posted that on my Random Thoughts Facebook page, I thought it was pretty funny.

    1. Haha, nice! I knew that was an easy connection and a Google Image Search quickly turned it up like I hoped it would.