Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day catchin' up

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.  Let's celebrate with a new post since it's been quite a while!

Trade #4 with Great Sports Name Hall of Fame:
The march to 300 Michigan hits continues thanks to Tim of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  I recently picked him up a couple hits from Blowout, as I'm known to do, and in return he sent me a couple really nice PC additions:

Here's a B.J. Askew 2003 Bowman's Best auto RC, my favorite from this package.  I liked some of the early-2000s Bowman's Best designs, and Askew ended up with a pretty cool signature here, including his number.  This is Askew #3 for me, and I hope that collection continues to grow.

Next up is a Mario Manningham 2008 Stadium Club Impact jersey.  A nice blue swatch from Super Mario's rookie year, and it's serial numbered to boot.  This is Manningham #19 for me, and I have a feeling #20 is just around the corner.

Tim was also cool enough to throw in some other fun stuff for me, including a pair of great A.L. shortstops--Ripken and Alan Trammell, as well as a couple Lee Suggs cards that should make for some good trade bait for someone.

So don't miss out, get trading with the Mooss!  Thanks, as always, Tim.

More 2011 Bowman happenings:

Thanks to the magic of--what else?--Blowout, I've now completed my 2011 Bowman base set and cut a HUGE swath through my Bowman's Best wantlist.  I'm not going to show those off until I have the set finished, but I can't wait to do so because it's such a great looking set.  Keep an eye out for that down the line, once I can finish picking up Harper et al.

Fire Jim Leyland everybody!!!

Thanks to a total panic move on the part of the dysfunctional Tigers, Detroit is no longer privy to the ostensible talents of Mr. Scott Sizemore.  That's a really nice way of saying the jackasses in charge, including the increasingly dubious Dave Dombrowski, totally gave up on Sizemore and sold fairly low on him, in return for a (former first-round, as if that matters) RELIEF PITCHER.  I was already all over Detroit for the total mistake of extending Jim Leyland's reign of terror, but now that we're continuing the trend of shipping out the only second basemen that can play worth a damn (Polanco, anyone?) I just don't see how we're going to fill the position competently.  Then again, competence isn't exactly in abundance from the top down in this organization right now.  Anyway, I'll continue to enjoy this season's bright spots, like the consistently awesome Justin Verlander and the busting out catcher, Alex Avila, while I pray for some serious housecleaning to right the ship.

Fire Tressel!  Wait, he fired himself?
Ohio State coach Jim Tresselll (the extra "L"s are for lies, now a bigger JT trademark than the vest) resigned, or finally got forced out, or whatever (maybe he gave the president permission to fire him, it seems that's the way it works there).  Why anyone in the world was surprised at his actions given his track record is totally beyond me, but here's hoping this total waste of a person never gets to enjoy coaching a D-I team again.  While on one hand it's nice to see a guy who falsely played the morals/religion card get shot down so spectacularly, I wish Michigan still had the chance to even the score with him now that the playing field would seemingly be more equal (not all Big Ten schools can pay their "student ath-a-letes" so well AND turn a blind eye to literally any indiscretion).  Anyway, for now I'll enjoy the spectacular implosion that is THE Ohio State University's football team while I cross my fingers that the NCAA shows some cojones for once and rightfully wipes out the records for any games played by ineligible players.  Plus, of course, I'll laugh at Tressel upholding at least one recent major OSU tradition:  going out in a blaze of controversy and shame.

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  1. Man, I'm happy for Scott though...since I know him and don't have team ties, I get to look at the bright side. The Tigers completely misplayed his career the past 2 years.

    So do they have to dot the "i" with an asterisk now?