Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Blowout mail and group break reminder

Q:  How many Jake Long cards do you need?
A:  all of them.  Or, to paraphrase Tom Brady, "What's your favorite Super Bowl ring?" "The next one."  Yep, I scored a deal I was happy with for this,
a 2008 Leaf Limited Slide Show autograph of Jake Long.  You can debate the merits of piling up hits of OL all you want, I just know that I like collecting the guy.  This goes along nicely with my Manningham of the same set:
and that means I'll probably try to get all the big Wolverines from that set like I am with the others, like the Letterman patch autos.
On a related note, by my count this gives me the following Jake Long stats:
  • 13 total hits
  • 6 autographs
  • 1 auto + "other" (the Slide Show)
  • 3 auto + one or more relics
  • 3 relics
Not too shabby.

Group break reminder:
As if you needed one, but since I only have four people who showed interest (one of whom has paid so far) I thought I'd give one more shout out before tomorrow's 11:59 PM EST payment deadline.  Details and stuff here.  Don't miss out--this break is once again entirely autographed patches, like-a so:
This shot reminds me that of the 50 cards from the break, 34 were of the numbered variety (24 #d /20, 10 #d /5), which is pretty ridiculous, especially when you consider some of the UN-numbered cards we got (Posey, Matusz, Castro, et al).  You WILL get your money's worth (and BA Benny WILL get his Ike Davis 1/1!).


  1. If you keep saying it, I will keep believing it! LOL

  2. Hi, can you do shipping to the UK on the box break?

  3. Hi Mark,
    Don't have your email so I'm going to reply here and hope you see it (but please feel free to email me, caljr3000 at gmail). If you're willing to pay the difference in intl shipping, I'll count you in for $30+ shipping (which I think will be about $15). Does that sound fair? Also, would you be available for the group break at 3 EST?

  4. Wow, those limited Slide Show cards are awesome!!! And who cares if you have OL cards. If you like the player, watch him or he is/was on you fav team, it's a good buy. Good stuff all the way around except for… the Tom Brady mention. Nobody like him.