Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blowout forums blowout: day 4: Draft Edition edition

Welcome to another installment of the Blowout blowout.  This lot arrived the same day as BA Benny's latest trade package, but out of respect to a great trader I gave that its own post first.  I grabbed it from the BlowoutCards Forums sometime last week after a guy posted that he had a bunch of Michigan alumni for sale.  Dude wasn't kidding!  I took just about everything he was offering, plus even a few more things from his PC posted on PhotoBucket, and we came to a really nice deal.  The spoils:

Adrian Arrington 2008 Donruss Elite Status:  The only non-"hit" of the group, this was pretty nice as far as "throw-ins" go.  This is an outstanding looking base set, as Elite often is, and the die-cutting is a big plus, but not as big as a great action shot of AA playing for Michigan.  Not only that, it's also limited to 24, which is a great number (the day of the month of my birthday, Ken Griffey Jr.'s and Willie Mays' number, etc.).
Adrian Arrington 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC:  Arrington #2 in the package, and a nice one again.  Since I have several others of these in this post, I'll just say this up front:  this is a simple but excellent-looking set.  I've said it a billion times, but I prefer college photos to pro shots, and this set doesn't disappoint in that area.  Just outstanding overall, and I'm glad I got a bunch in this lot.

Anthony Thomas 2001 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket auto:  Wow, this might be the only card in this group I like more than the Draft Editions.  I'm not a big fan of Orange outside Orioles stuff, but the Bears' team colors really work well here.  Add to that an excellent autograph and you've got a real winner.

Chad Henne 2008 Donruss Classics Saturday Stars jersey:  A nice swatch of Michigan blue jersey of the former QB great.

Chad Henne 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC:  Like I said about the Arrington, I love this set.  Not a terrible autograph there too, but a nice action shot anyway.

David Harris 2007 Bowman Sterling auto RC:  I've got a few Bowman Sterling autographs now and I definitely like the overall look of those cards, including this one.

Dhani Jones 2007 Topps TX Super Bowl Ticket Stub auto:  Definitely the most interesting of the bunch due to the novelty of the set.  Oddly enough, I was rooting big-time against Philly in this game since they were playing against Tom Brady and New England.  This is also my first Dhani card, which isn't a surprise since he doesn't get much love despite being a tackling machine on a Bungles defense riddled with former Wolverines.  A very cool addition to the PC.

Jake Long 2008 Absolute Memorabilia Stargazing jersey auto:  This guy's got some design issues going on--why the hell is the sticker auto covering up the player, putting it in a spot that makes it hard to see?  Still, I like combination relic/auto cards, so it's got that going for it.

Jake Long 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman Fabric jersey shoe ball auto:  Q:  how many Jake Long LCM Freshman Fabric Materials cards do you NEED?!  A:  ALL OF THEM.  But seriously, I couldn't pass up a three-piece relic/auto card.

Jake Long 2008 Stadium Club auto RC:  Don't worry--this is the last Long in the lot, it's just that the guy had a bunch to offer (I don't think I even ended up with 1/3 of them) and I took what I considered the best for the price.  I still love Stadium Club after all these years, and this design, other than the autograph, reminds me of some of the sets from the early 90s.

LaMarr Woodley 2007 SAGE HIT auto:  I can always use more Woodley cards as the guy's a bona fide NFL star, but I can REALLY always use more Woodley cards with him in a Maize and Blue uni.
Mike Hart 2008 Finest XFractor auto RC:  Wow, how often do you get a card this great in a lot this cheap?  Not only is the base design pretty cool, and not only does that signature look nice, but this is an XFractor, which means it's numbered out of 30.  30!  That still seems like a really low number to me, even in this era of 1-of-1s.

Mike Hart 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC:  Hart autograph number two in the lot, and I can't say any more about the set than I already have, so, yeah, nice card.

Shawn Crable 2008 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC:  Anybody else think Crable started nodding off after getting bored signing all those cards, so he bonked his head, started bleeding, and tried to write "SOS" on the thing closest to him?  No?  Well this is a pretty crappy autograph of a middling player, but I'll still take it any day of the week.

That's it for this lot, and we should be getting pretty close to the end of my insane shopping spree, but you should still see another post or two sometime this week.  On a side note, I'm now over 150 Michigan football autographs/relics/combos in the old personal collection.  It wasn't that long ago that I hit magic #100, so this spree really did do a lot for my collection.  Hopefully common sense will prevail and I'll curb my spending on cards for a bit to make up for it.  Still, I'd rather have all of this stuff than 3-6 boxes of random stuff anytime.

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