Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Michigan and College Football Game Day

Michigan meets up in Bloomington with Indiana at 3:30 EST today, so untie those shoelaces, pray for that secondary, and for God's sake, GO BLUE!

Also, go Michigan State (you won't hear me say that much, but I'm rooting for a matchup of undefeateds next weekend), Boston College (RUDY SUCKS) Stanford (their coach is a UM alum) and the stadium to implode in the 'Bama-Florida game.  Otherwise, good luck to your favorite team.
And finally, your (occasionally) weekly reminder to enjoy Michigan's game at MGoBlog's LiveBlog.

UPDATE:  rooting interests for Florida-Alabama:  GO BANANA

1 comment:

  1. Blooooomington (that's where I live)!

    Go Michigan I don't really like Indiana, so I cheer against the Hoosiers like every week.