Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another nice mail day

Group break update:
Just to remind everyone, because it's my blog and I can, please check out the updated potential group break info here.

Cool mail Tuesday, part 1:
Some of you readers might remember that I Don't Know...3rd Base! offered free cards for the low, low price of one comment.  And not crap, either--good stuff!  Check out my spoils:
I'm totally biased, but I think this was the nicest-looking card in the bunch.  He also threw in a few more nice Astros, some of which may get sent Dimwit's way before long.  Make sure to send some love 3rd Base's way, in page hit and card form.  Thanks, fellow Michigander!

Cool mail Tuesday, part 2:
I had some eBay bucks burning a hole in my ePocket, and I had to spend them quick.  While digging around on the Bay recently I found a guy with a ton of set builders listed and found a few that I needed, so I snatched them all up with the aforementioned bucks.  A quick look:
From top:  2002 Topps, 1995 Topps, 1999 Stadium Club, 2002 Donruss, 2005 Topps, 2001 Topps Archives
Why am I excited about these?  Check this out:
  • 1995 Topps Piazza/Stanley:  completes my Series I set (still trying to acquire Series II, hint hint)
  • 1999 Stadium Club Maddux:  leaves me needing just #141 (Chad Moeller SP RC)
  • 2001 Topps Archives Musial:  completes my set
  • 2002 Donruss Jeter:  completes my set
  • 2002 Topps #s 338 & 339:  completes my set
  • 2005 Topps Walker/Pujols:  completes my Series I set (yep, still need a full Series II from this one too, help me out!)
Thanks to all those, you'll see a lot fewer sets in the Five or Fewer Club to your right.  That's right, I'm finally getting around to closing the book on some of those sets that have been on my wantlist forever.  Yay, capitalism!

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