Saturday, September 4, 2010

No New Box/Pack Busting Today

Hi everybody.  There will be no box/pack busting and reviewing today (the 2007 Topps baseball box will have to wait until tomorrow) as today's the first Saturday of college FOOTBALL!  Besides the many other games on tap, I will be enjoying the

whom some of you might have figured out I enjoy, take on UConn at 3:30 EST.  Michigan fans should head over to the liveblog on #1 Michigan sports blog MGoBlog right before the game--it's easily the best way to experience a Michigan game with fellow fans without actually being at the game.

A very friendly good luck to your favorite team as well, as long as they aren't UConn, in the SEC, named "Oklahoma" or have a mascot on steroids in a dress with a broom on his head.  I'll see you all tomorrow, and in the meantime

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