Sunday, September 19, 2010

Card show report (and daily contest reminder)

Contest reminder
Don't forget about my contest for eight free 2007 Topps Series 1 gravity packs.  The post is all the way below this one, but I think you'll find your way there one way or another.  At the time of this post I have one entry, so let's get it going, guys.

Card show report

I did end up forcing myself to drive the 45 minutes to the redneck convention center near me, braving lots of Pokemon/Yugioh/Whatever the hell it is crap and plenty of NASCAR dreck too, but as usual it was worth it.

First, I grabbed two football boxes:  2010 NCAA Sweet Spot and 2007 Topps.  I mention them in that order because that's the order in which I'll bust them.  I've been excited about Sweet Spot since I've seen the helmet autographs that appear to fall roughly two per box (the other four hits seem to be meh dual jersey swatches).  Considering the prices that Brandon Graham and Brandon Minor's cards are going for, I figured I'd take a shot at a box first and try to pull or trade for those guys (plus there's plenty of hits to be had).  Look for the Sweet Spot review later today and the Topps box later this week (or tomorrow, depending on my will power and schedule).

Next, the singles.  I often enjoy wading through the countless boxes of autographs and jerseys the sellers are liquidating, especially on the last day of the show.  As you'll see, I went pretty Michigan-heavy, but I did grab a couple other cards for my collection or trade bait.  I think I spent around $50 total for this stuff.

2010 Topps Dizzy Dean Commemorative Patch:  I know these are just manupatches, but I thought this would be cool for trade bait or to keep.  Gashouse Gang!

2008 Topps Rookie Progression Kevin Smith autograph:  I picked this up on the cheap in the (unlikely) event that Smith comes back from his injury and doesn't get overshadowed by the massively more talented Jahvid Best.  I'm pretty short on Lions autographs, so this was worth it for something like $2 or $3

Bill Muckalt 1999 Bowman's Best autograph:  I really don't have much in terms of good stuff from my alma mater's hockey team (college hockey history's best) but I'm working on it.  Muckalt was ridiculous for the NCAA champs in 1997-98, netting 32 goals and 35 assists

Zach Putnam 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects X-Fractor autograph:  This is my second Putnam autograph, but first of him in an MLB uni.  Note that the card is an X-Fractor, but the back refers to it as a Refractor.  Whatever, it's a sweet card

Amani "It's Not a" Toomer 2000 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures autograph:  I already had a Toomer jersey, but not an autograph.  Not a bad signature from one of my favorite Wolverine wideouts

Chris Perry 2004 SPx Rookie/Autograph/Jersey:  This is somehow my third Perry autograph, which I guess is a lot for a guy that was an NFL bust.  Still, I'll never forget him gashing Ohio State in 2003

Donovan Warren 2010 SAGE Hit Silver autograph:  Yes, the guy left a year too early, and no, it's not the most legible signature, but I've been chasing this one for a while, and I still hold out hope that with some good coaching he'll become a solid NFLer

Jake Long 2008 SP Rookie Edition autograph:  This is my second Long autograph, but I really like the design of these cards, and he's become an excellent NFL LT in just a couple seasons, plus he's easily one of the greatest tackles Michigan ever saw

Steve Breaston 2009 Topps Magic autograph:  Well, the guy's consistent(ly bad) with his autograph, but I really like the design of this set, especially because the players are pictured in their college unis

(as always, the Michigan personal collection is linked to your right and lives here)

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  1. Yep, Breaston's auto is pretty halfhearted, but I'll give him creativity points for with how he makes the B, lol.